Chania Food Tour

Have an amazing culinary experience while strolling the streets of Chania by meeting local producers and artisans and tasting unique handmade delicacies.


Walk with a  chef and an archaeologist to discover and explore the gastronomy of Chania and get in touch with local producers and artisans. Walk around the farmers’ market, taste seasonal and fresh products, wander through the narrow alleys following the scent of freshly-baked handmade pies and hear stories of a city suspended between past and present, history and myth. Take it all in as we regularly move away from the crowd to escape the heat and rest our feet while enjoying a freshly- roasted, delicious coffee.


Price per person  55€


price includes:

a chef and an PhD archaeologist and licensed tour guide

sampling food at the stops, coffee, local delicacies


*The tour includes at least five food tasting spots

*Comfortable shoes and a hat are recommended


Available every Thursday and Saturday

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Chania Old Town

Be a part of an alternative tour (approximately 3 hours), discover the core of the multicultural character of the town and explore its authentic culinary scene!

Walk with us into Chania’s old town and see its five millennia of history and prehistory unravel before your eyes.

Minoan neighbourhoods, Hellenistic walls, bombarded Ottoman bathhouses, Latin inscriptions, a church with the symbols of two religions, imposing Venetian bastions, boot-makers shops, knife-makers shops, underground cisterns, a Venetian harbour and an African village are just a part of the multicultural mosaic of the town’s past.

Keeping a safe distance from “must-sees” and “must-listens” of the town we will explore the cultural identity of Chania by learning stories (as well as some ‘hidden’ ones) about its people and its buildings, while experiencing it through the walk inside its colourful alleys that are often filled with the delicious smells of food, neighbourhoods’ sounds and music.

Price per person: 39 €


Price includes:

  • English/Italian speaking PhD archaeologist and licensed tour guide
  • All entry fees

Available everyday (except Saturday & Sunday)

* Persons per group: min 2 – max 10 adults
* Tour duration: approximately 3 hours
* Morning tour starts: at 10:00
* Evening tour starts: at 18:00
* Meeting point: please contact us


– 50% discount for kids up to 12 years old

Special prices for bigger groups, schools & universities. Please contact us for more info.




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“Under the skin”

Tabakaria: The old leather tannery district of Chania

Our itinerary starts at the area of Chalepa, the meeting point between the aristocratic suburb and the industrial area of the 19th and the early 20th century. We are going to wander around the picturesque coastal area with the old leather tanneries, all of them listed buildings of special architectural and historic interest, learn about the pre-industrial and industrial techniques of leather-making and explore the various structures and the old tannery machines. The two still functioning tanneries we will find on our way will give us the opportunity to explain and explore further some secrets of the old leather-making methods, as well as the social status of the leather workers in the past. Our walk will finish at a small fishing port, where some “ancient surprises” will wait for us!

 Price per person: 39 €

Price includes:

  • English/Italian speaking PhD archaeologist and licensed tour guide

* This tour is highly recommended for photography enthusiasts.

Available all year round (upon request)

* Persons per group: min 4 – max 10 adults
* Tour duration: approximately 3 hours
* Morning tour starts: at 09:00
* Evening tour starts: at 18:00
* Meeting point: please contact us

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Ancient Aptera

Most of us know, or have heard of the so-called ‘Minoan civilization’, which developed on prehistoric Crete. But how many of us know what happened after on this island? How did its inhabitants react to the fall of the Minoan palatial centers, who were the ‘newcomers’ and how did they mingle with the locals? In what ways did the society change in the following centuries? What was its new political organization, where did the money come from and to what gods did the people believe in?
The archaeological site of Aptera, at 15 km east of Chania, can offer the answers to the questions above and to many more. The exploration of its several, considerably varied, ruins, including a theatre, a fortification wall, a cemetery, water reservoirs, a
fortress and a monastery, will built a fascinating narration that will introduce you to the Cretan history and will be interrupted only by the nature in bloom and the breathtaking views towards the high mountains and the sea.

Persons per group: 2-8
Tour duration: approximately 2 hours
Tour starts at: 10:00 am
Meeting point: please contact us
Price: please contact us
* This tour can also be offered as a private tour
** If requested, transport from Chania center can be provided


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Cooking Class

Introduction to seasonal cooking and the culture of the Cretan gastronomy


Experiential workshop of a 5-dish menu.

Around our monastery table and everybody’s participation, we mix our ingredients based on traditional recipes and create unique tasteful combinations.

We prepared ourselves a feast, learning about ingredients, techniques and traditions in the process. The instruction was clear and complete, and I have since received the recipes by e-mail, so I can make the dishes at home.


New York


We introduce you to the most basic ingredients of the cretan cuisine. We wear our aprons and get ready for the cooking! Less is more is the first rule. Our cooking team will guide you step by step to the gastronomy secrets of the cretan cuisine. Chop, stir, mix and be part of the most funny and creative lab.

Once you finish, have a seat and enjoy your first self-made cretan lunch with bottled local wine.


Price per person: 75€


Price includes:

  • Cooking lesson
  • Authentic Cretan lunch with wine (one bottle for two persons)

 available every Wednesday at Milia Mountain Retreat


Please contact us to reserve


* All workshops and guidance is in English
* Persons per group: 6-20 persons  ( kids 6-15 years old have a 50%  discount  ) for groups more than 10 persons contact us for a price.
* Please let us know if there is any kind of allergies or other special diet requests (veggie etc).


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